Gypsum is a ‘clean green’ soil conditioner and fertiliser. As a naturally occurring mineral, derived from ancient sea deposits, gypsum supplies 23% calcium and 18% sulphate sulphur. Winstone Gypsum can be used in conventional, organic and regenerative agriculture systems. Gypsum is Bio Gro certified

Gypsum can be applied to improve soil structure in clay soils, improve compaction, pugging, salinity issues as well as acid subsoils. Used as a soil conditioner, gypsum improves texture, drainage and aeration for clay soils with regular annual applications. A free draining, aerated soil structure will encourage healthy root growth and assists the performance of other surface applied fertilisers. Gypsum improves soils damaged from compaction due to heavy stock and machinery, aids in the recovery of sub-soils exposed by earth movement due to contouring or slippage. Applications of gypsum improve soils affected by salinity from fertiliser salts, estuarial berms, dairy effluent, aluminium or sodium build up.

For a biologically active soils focus, gypsum increases the activity of soil micro organisms and earth worms, which aids in soil aeration, macropore formation and mixing of organic matter.

As a fertiliser gypsum supplies calcium and sulphate sulphur nutrients for plant growth as well as for animal nutrition.



The benefits of Gypsum

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